Reety Wadhwa

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A Trainer, Enterpreneur and Coach by Profession.

A Marketeer by Passion.

A Wanderer by Personality.

Reety's professional journey commenced in 2007 with a Times of India group company (Entertainment Network India Limited). Thereafter she spearheaded a CSR project on Education and Medical Facilities in deep villages of Bihar for 2 years.

In 2012, she banished her corporate life in favour of the profession of Training and the passion reflects in her highly energized workshops.

She has trained 1000's of people on the subjects of Creative Thinking and Public Speaking under her signature programs: "Think Better, Get Smarter" and "Rock the Stage: the Magic of Public Speaking". She is highly passionate about both the subjects and has learnt the craft of Public Speaking from Andy Harrington (UK's foremost public speaker of Public Speaking University) and from the practices of NLP.

She got hooked to the thought of 'thinking' a decade ago when the Indian societal set up imposed the 'right way of thinking on her'. Her 'right' always seemed wrong to the others and what they thought was right was far from right for her. A non-conformist by design, she chose to make sure she could think holistically instead. This quest led her to an extensive research on the different modalities of 'thinking'. In the process she stumbled upon the liberating concept of Creative Thinking - a tool she now uses to induce personal and societal change through her workshops on the subject. She encourages participants to challenge before accepting, ruffle status quo and revisit the drawing board for professional and personal successes. Many people stuck in professional rut have been able to look beyond obvious and find their individual creative expressions. Some have introduced newer and innovative business ideas in their ventures. Fence sitters, (unable to make decisions) but otherwise ambitions and aspirational people have been able to open the expanse of their brains and have benefitted heavily by applying the simple techniques of creative thinking. Her sessions have helped many move ahead in their careers and have instilled passion and inspiration in many.

She is also into CXO level coaching on Communication and Public Speaking and is an informal mentor to many budding talents.

She has a keen interest in Evolution of the human species and Psychology. She has dabbled with Theater, Fine Arts and Debating as a student while studying Economics and is now a Cycling enthusiast cum promoter.

Her favorite expressions include:

"Randomness sparks creativity"

"Speak from the heart and the world will listen"

"God is man's biggest creation"

"Why fit in when you can stand out"

"All great truths begin with blasphemies"

In her own words:

"With its linear teaching methodologies, the education system robs us of a dimension of our personalities, also of the immense potentials of our brains and subsequently of a fuller life. Creative Thinking makes us meet a surprisingly fresher us."

"Public Speaking is a drug I just can’t get enough of. Check it out. It is addictive"

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